Facebook Luleå filter

Facebook Luleå filter


Danish Cooling and Humidification System for Facebook's New Data Centre

The two companies Dansk Filter Fokus and ML System is to ensure cooling and air humidity at Facebook's new data centre in Luleå, Sweden. The centre will become one of the world's most high-tech and energy efficient of its kind.

With more than 850 million users across the world, the internet based social network Facebook manages huge amounts of data. So far, this has been done at data centers in the USA.

Facebook’s new data centers will be among the world's most energy efficient of their kind so far. Two of them have already been established in the USA, while the third is being placed in Luleå in Sweden, where the two Danish companies will supply equipment for cooling and adding air humidity.

It is the company Dansk Filter Fokus and ML System, that together has developed a highly energy-saving cooling technique with atomization of water into HVAC air handling systems. By combining both companies excellent knowledge’s in their fields, water treatment/humidification and air filtration techniques the solution is excellent, long lasting, and extreme energysaving.  

Through evaporation of the tiny water droplets, the room temperature is lowered, thus ensuring maximum performance from the servers. At the same time, the system counteracts static electricity.

During the first phase, we are going to supply a system capable of distributing 8,300 liters of water per hour with a cooling effect of 5,650 kW. This is called evaporative cooling and can be achieved with an electricity consumption of just 40 kWh.

ML’s system for atomization of water under high pressure was originally developed with a view to ensuring the right level of air humidity in nurseries, but since then, it has been used in e.g. supermarket fruit and vegetable sections as well as in a number of industries with a need to remove process heat or maintain a constant level of air humidity, e.g. the timber industry and the graphic industry.

The system is to be supplied to Facebook in Luleå during the first phase of the building project. It is expected that shortly afterwards, that capacity will be expanded significantly during the second phase of the project.

The system for Facebook is the first installation of this type, but the two companies has great expectations for similar orders in the future. Over the next three years alone, many large data centres of a similar size are planned around the world.

The first phase of Facebook's data centre in Luleå includes the construction of a building of 28,000 m2. The data centre will receive the LEED environmental certification.

ML System in Ry, Denmark, was founded in 1987 and today employs some 50 people, of whom 10 are based at a branch in the USA, the company became part of the Swiss group Walter Meier AG, which is the largest in the world in the field of industrial air humidification with more than 1600 employees in more than 70 countries.

Dansk Filter Fokus in Broendby, was founded in 2007, by very experienced people in the air filtration branch. The Company has invented and implemented many innovative solutions in air filtration field. This has enabled their customer to reach their goal.

Among the solutions are: Extreme energy saving air filtration filters in HVAC units. Innovative and cost effective solution removing organic smells from processes. Innovative and environmental friendly solution to avoid bacteria and vira to spread in laboratories and in hospitals. New and effective low cost solution, for improving life quality for people suffering from asthma and allergy, by improving indoor air quality. Filtration solution for offshore windmill´s and container vessels, enabling great energy savings and at the same time avoiding salt penetrating through the filter installation.


for more information please see here www.dansk-filter-fokus.dk   / 28.02.2012